• Breasts are large sweat glands that have become modified to produce milk instead of sweat
  • Even a newborn baby has some basic breast tissue, which started to develop when it was a 6-week-old foetus
  • Newborn babies can have noticeable breasts. This is perfectly normal and occurs because the mother’s oestrogen hormone has stimulated the baby’s breast tissue. The breast swelling gradually disappears over a few weeks
  • The first bra was invented by New York socialite Mary Jacobs in 1913. She used two hankies and some ribbon, and then patented the idea
  • The number of breast enlargement operations has declined in recent years. In the UK, 7,745 were done in 2018 – down 6% from the year before, and 4,299 breast reductions were done which was up 6%. (BAAPS Audit Results 2019)
  • Breast enlargement is more common than rhinoplasty (nose job). In the UK, 2,931 rhinoplasties were carried out, in 2018, up 3% from the previous year (BAAPS Audit Results 2019).


First published on: embarrassingproblems.com
Reviewed and edited by: Dr Victoria Harmer
Last updated: October 2020

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