If your testicles feel itchy, it is probably the scrotum that is itching – the bag of skin that contains the testicles, not the testicles themselves. Or, more often, it is the folds of skin behind the scrotum and in the groin that itch.

Fungal Infections

The folds of skin behind the scrotum and in the groin hold sweat and are warm – which is just what fungal infections like. So it is not surprising that fungal infections are common in this area, and they can be very itchy. For more information see our section on jock itch.

Irritating Products

Another reason is that these skin folds can hold the remains of soaps and shower gels that you used while bathing. These usually contain perfumes, some of which can irritate the skin especially when it is warm and moist. To avoid this problem, wash with an unperfumed soap and make sure you rinse thoroughly. Always dry yourself carefully in the groin and around the testicles after bathing or showering.

Crab Lice

Crab lice can hide in the hairs around the scrotum and cause itching. For more information see our section on crab lice.

Other Causes

Other causes of itching can also be found in our section on itching.


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Last updated: May 2021

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