This year’s UK Disability History Month is held from November 16 until December 16, 2022, and features the theme “Disability, Health and Wellbeing”. We spoke with Piers Wilkinson from Diversity and Ability (D&A) about the awareness month, as well as the history and future of disability and what has been achieved so far.

Piers Wilkinson is the former National Union of Students (NUS) Disabled Students’ Officer, and now supports the work of D&A as the Policy and Campaigns Lead of the Inclusive Education Team. D&A is a UK-based social enterprise led by and for disabled people, i.e., 85% of their team self-identify as disabled or neurodiverse. Their aim is to support individuals, organisations and social justice projects to create inclusive cultures.

Note: The statements and opinions contained in this podcast are solely those of the speaker.

Podcast Interview

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